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CVE-2021-44910 Scanner

Detects 'Information Leakage' vulnerability in SpringBlade potentially exposing sensitive user account password logs.


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SpringBlade is an advanced, enterprise-grade framework designed to facilitate the creation of both monolithic and microservices-based applications. Utilizing the SpringBoot and SpringCloud ecosystems, it aims to provide developers with a robust foundation for building scalable and reliable software solutions. SpringBlade includes features for handling distributed system scenarios, such as service discovery, configuration management, and load balancing, making it suitable for high-demand, enterprise-level applications.

The vulnerability is specifically related to the misuse of a default SIGN_KEY within the SpringBlade framework. This key is used to sign and verify JWT tokens or other security mechanisms, making it critical for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the application's security processes. Attackers exploiting this vulnerability can intercept or access logs containing sensitive information, such as passwords, which are protected using this key.

The exposure of sensitive information due to this vulnerability can lead to a range of security issues, including account takeover, data breaches, and unauthorized system access. The implications are particularly severe given the framework's use in enterprise environments, where such information may include access to critical internal systems or sensitive personal data.

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