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CVE-2023-26255 Scanner

Detects 'Path Traversal' vulnerability in STAGIL Navigation plugin for Jira affects v. before 2.0.52.


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STAGIL Navigation for Jira - Menu & Themes is a plugin used to customize the menu and user interface themes of the Jira software. This plugin is particularly useful for organizations that have customized their Jira installations and need to maintain a consistent design throughout the application. It enables administrators to add or remove menu items and customize the look and feel of the interface without needing any programming experience. 

CVE-2023-26255 is a severe security flaw detected in the STAGIL Navigation plugin before version 2.0.52. It is an unauthenticated path traversal vulnerability that can be exploited by an attacker to read sensitive files. By injecting a specially crafted filename parameter to the snjCustomDesignConfig endpoint, an attacker can traverse the file system and read any files that the Jira application's user account has access to. 

Exploiting the CVE-2023-26255 vulnerability can result in a range of consequences depending on the files accessed. If sensitive data such as user credentials, financial records, or sensitive company information is accessed, it can lead to severe data breaches and reputational damage. Attackers can also potentially use this vulnerability to gain access to other systems and escalate their attack. 

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