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Detects 'Remote Command Execution' vulnerability in Symmetricom SyncServer affects various versions


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The Symmetricom SyncServer S650, developed by Microchip Technology (Microsemi), is a network time server that provides precise, reliable, and secure time and frequency for critical applications. It is widely used across various industries, including telecommunications, finance, and defense, to synchronize time-sensitive operations and secure network infrastructure. The SyncServer S650 is designed to meet stringent timing requirements, offering features such as GPS-based synchronization, network time protocol (NTP) support, and high security and redundancy. Its vulnerability to remote command execution poses a significant threat to the integrity and security of network operations, potentially compromising the entire infrastructure.

CVE-2022-40022 describes a critical vulnerability in the Symmetricom SyncServer S650 firmware, where a command injection flaw allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the device. This vulnerability is particularly dangerous as it does not require any form of authentication, making it easy for attackers to exploit. Successful exploitation could lead to unauthorized access, data manipulation, or complete control over the affected device, undermining the security and reliability of network time synchronization services.

The vulnerability exists due to improper validation of user-supplied input in the web interface of the SyncServer S650. Specifically, the command injection flaw is present in the /controller/ping.php endpoint, where parameters such as hostname are not properly sanitized. Attackers can inject arbitrary commands by crafting malicious payloads, which are then executed by the server. This allows for a wide range of malicious activities, including accessing sensitive information, altering device configurations, or disrupting the server's operations.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can have severe consequences, including the compromise of network security, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and disruption of critical time synchronization functions. This can lead to broader network vulnerabilities, data breaches, and a loss of trust in the security and reliability of network infrastructure. In environments where precise timing is crucial, such as financial transactions or military operations, the impact can be particularly devastating.

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