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CVE-2015-2996 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in SysAid Help Desk affects v. before 15.2.


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CVE-2015-2996 Scanner Detail

SysAid Help Desk is a popular IT asset and service management solution that is used by many organizations for customer service, incident management, and IT support management. It allows users to automate tasks, track assets, and handle customer inquiries in a centralized system. SysAid provides a range of features such as ticket management, asset management, remote control, and many more, making IT support tasks more efficient and organized.

One major vulnerability that was detected in SysAid Help Desk is the CVE-2015-2996 vulnerability. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to exploit multiple directory traversal vulnerabilities in SysAid Help Desk before version 15.2. The vulnerability allows the attacker to read arbitrary files or cause a denial of service by inserting multiple.. (dot dot) characters in the fileName parameter of the getGfiUpgradeFile or calculateRdsFileChecksum API.

When exploited, CVE-2015-2996 can lead to serious consequences such as information disclosure, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and loss of critical information. The attacker can access confidential files, usernames, and passwords, leading to a data breach that can compromise the entire organization. Moreover, the attacker can cause a denial of service, which can disrupt the availability of the IT help desk system, causing significant business interruptions.

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