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Teampass LDAP Debug Config Scanner

Our scanner specifically targets installations of Teampass that may have inadvertently exposed their LDAP debug configuration files. These files contain sensitive information that could compromise LDAP authentication if accessed by unauthorized users.


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Teampass LDAP Debug Config Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

The Teampass LDAP Debug Config vulnerability involves the accidental exposure of ldap.debug.txt, a file generated during LDAP configuration tests. This file, located at /files/ldap.debug.txt in Teampass versions prior to, contains critical LDAP connection details.

Vulnerability Details

When Teampass administrators use the "Test current configuration" feature within LDAP settings, a debug file (ldap.debug.txt) is created. This file logs LDAP connection data, including base DN, search base, bind DN, and bind password. Improper access control allows unauthorized retrieval of this file, leading to potential information disclosure.

Possible Effects

  • Sensitive Data Exposure: LDAP credentials and configuration details exposed to unauthorized parties.
  • Authentication Bypass: Potential misuse of exposed credentials to bypass authentication mechanisms.

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