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CVE-2020-28185 Scanner

Detects 'Username Enumeration' vulnerability in TerraMaster TOS affects v. 4.2.06 and before.


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Unveiling Risks: Username Enumeration Vulnerability in TerraMaster TOS

Usage and Purpose of TerraMaster TOS

TerraMaster TOS (TerraMaster Operating System) serves as a crucial web-based operating system tailored for TerraMaster NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. This innovative OS boasts a desktop-inspired, multifunctional user interface, offering reliable and feature-rich functionality for managing data storage, access permissions, and networking within NAS environments. With its emphasis on user-friendly interaction and robust performance, TerraMaster TOS empowers individuals and organizations to establish secure and efficient data management and transmission channels, enhancing the overall data storage experience.

Understanding CVE-2020-28185 Vulnerability

The CVE-2020-28185 vulnerability, identified in version 4.2.06 and preceding iterations of the TerraMaster TOS, presents a significant security concern due to a Username Enumeration flaw. This vulnerability potentially allows malicious actors to enumerate valid usernames on the target system, exposing critical information that can be leveraged in further cyber attacks. By exploiting this vulnerability, unauthorized parties could gather intelligence on valid user accounts, paving the way for targeted password cracking and other nefarious activities, posing a direct threat to the confidentiality and integrity of the stored data within TerraMaster NAS devices.

Consequences of Exploitation

If maliciously exploited, the CVE-2020-28185 vulnerability in TerraMaster TOS can lead to detrimental consequences. Cyber attackers could utilize the enumerated usernames to conduct systematic password guessing attacks, potentially gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data stored within the NAS environment. Such unauthorized access not only compromises the privacy and security of the stored data but also undermines the trust and confidence users place in the TerraMaster TOS platform, leading to reputational damage and potential legal implications for the affected organizations or individuals.

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