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CVE-2023-27640 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in The Custom Product Designer (tshirtecommerce) module for PrestaShop affects v. 2.1.4.


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Understanding the Custom Product Designer Module for PrestaShop

What is the Custom Product Designer Module?
The Custom Product Designer, often referred to as tshirtecommerce, is an essential module for PrestaShop that enables e-commerce businesses to offer personalized products. It integrates a design panel into product pages, allowing customers to customize items like T-shirts, mugs, and cards by adding images and text. This feature-rich tool empowers shoppers to create unique designs directly on the online store, enhancing the user experience and potentially increasing sales by catering to the demand for customized goods.

Exploring the CVE-2023-27640 Vulnerability
Recently, a significant security concern was identified in version 2.1.4 of the Custom Product Designer module for PrestaShop, cataloged as CVE-2023-27640. This Directory Traversal vulnerability permits unauthorized access to files and directories stored on the server. Such vulnerabilities are critical as they could allow attackers to access sensitive files, potentially leading to information disclosure or manipulation of the system.

Potential Impacts of the CVE-2023-27640 Exploitation
If exploited, the CVE-2023-27640 vulnerability could have severe consequences for online stores using the affected module. Malicious cyber attackers could gain access to confidential data, such as customer information, trade secrets, or administrative credentials. This breach can lead to financial loss, damage to the store's reputation, and legal consequences if personal data protection laws are violated, emphasizing the necessity for immediate action to secure the platform.

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