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Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in The EasyCart plugin for WordPress affects v. before 2.0.6.


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The EasyCart (wp-easycart) plugin is a popular e-commerce solution for WordPress websites. With this plugin, users can easily set up an online store and integrate various payment gateways to accept payments from customers. The EasyCart plugin offers a wide range of features, including product management, customer management, order management, and shipping management. This plugin is designed to make the e-commerce experience for retailers and customers hassle-free and efficient.

However, the EasyCart plugin is not without vulnerabilities. CVE-2014-4942 is one such vulnerability that was detected in the plugin. This vulnerability allowed remote attackers to obtain sensitive configuration information by making a direct request to inc/admin/phpinfo.php. This file invoked the phpinfo function, allowing attackers to obtain information about the PHP environment and the configuration settings used by the EasyCart plugin. The vulnerability was present in the plugin before version 2.0.6.

When exploited, the CVE-2014-4942 vulnerability can lead to sensitive information disclosure, putting the website at risk of cyber attacks. Attackers can use the information they obtain to plan targeted attacks and exploit other vulnerabilities in the system. This can lead to loss of valuable data, compromised website security, and financial harm. Therefore, it is important to protect against this vulnerability and take necessary precautions to ensure website security.

With the pro features of the platform, website owners can easily and quickly learn about potential vulnerabilities in their digital assets. The platform offers advanced scanning and detection tools that can identify vulnerabilities in real-time, allowing website owners to take quick action to prevent cyber attacks. By using this service, website owners can ensure that their e-commerce platform is secure and protected from potential cyber threats.



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