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CVE-2021-24351 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in The Plus Addons for Elementor plugin for WordPress affects v. before 4.1.12.


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CVE-2021-24351 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview:

CVE Identifier: CVE-2021-24351
Affected Plugin: 'The Plus Addons for Elementor'
Affected Versions: Before 4.1.12
Severity: Medium
Impact: This vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary scripts, possibly leading to unauthorized access, data theft, or manipulation.

Vulnerability Details:

CVE-2021-24351 highlights a critical lapse in security where the plugin fails to sanitize user inputs effectively. This flaw is particularly concerning due to its potential exploitation by both authenticated and unauthenticated users, thereby amplifying the risk of unauthorized script execution on the client side. The scenario underscores the necessity of stringent input validation and sanitization mechanisms in web applications.

The Importance of Mitigating CVE-2021-24351:

Prompt action against CVE-2021-24351 is essential to prevent adverse impacts such as session hijacking, personal data theft, or even site defacement. Remediation is not only crucial for safeguarding site integrity and user privacy but also for maintaining compliance with regulatory standards and preserving the reputation of the affected entities.

Why SecurityForEveryone?

SecurityForEveryone's CVE-2021-24351 Scanner is an indispensable tool for identifying and addressing the XSS vulnerability within 'The Plus Addons for Elementor'. By leveraging our scanner, users can receive tailored recommendations, facilitating swift and effective vulnerability management.



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