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CVE-2023-46574 Scanner

Detects 'OS Command Injection' vulnerability in TOTOLINK A3700R affects v. 9.1.2u.6165_20211012.


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Understanding CVE-2023-46574: Importance of Timely Mitigation for TOTOLINK A3700R Router Security

TOTOLINK A3700R: High-Performance Connectivity for Modern Applications
The TOTOLINK A3700R is a high-powered, dual-band wireless router designed to provide reliable and fast internet connectivity. Built with a 880MHz dual-core processor, it supports efficient data handling, enhancing Wi-Fi transfer efficiency for users. It's equipped with the latest IEEE 802.11ac wave2 Wi-Fi standard and MU-MIMO technology, ensuring sustained high-speed data transmission, making it ideal for rigorous personal and small business applications that demand consistent internet access.

CVE-2023-46574: Breaking Down the Vulnerability
CVE-2023-46574 refers to an OS Command Injection vulnerability detected in version 9.1.2u.6165_20211012 of the TOTOLINK A3700R router firmware. This security flaw allows remote attackers to inject and execute arbitrary commands on the system’s operating system. The exploitation occurs due to the lack of proper input validation by the web management interface, which can be leveraged to gain unauthorized access and control over the router.

Potential Damages from CVE-2023-46574 Exploitation
If a cyber attacker successfully exploits CVE-2023-46574, they could perform operations with the same privileges as the router's operating system, including altering firewall settings, rerouting traffic, or disabling the entire network. This could lead to further network compromise, data theft, and the potential spread of malware. Such security breaches are serious threats, causing operational disruption and compromising sensitive data.

Adopting a Proactive Security Approach with Continuous Threat Exposure Management
For those who have not yet considered a comprehensive security strategy, the risks posed by vulnerabilities like CVE-2023-46574 highlight the need for proactive measures. Platforms offering Continuous Threat Exposure Management services, such as securityforeveryone, are essential for a robust defense against cyber threats. These platforms deliver ongoing vulnerability scanning, real-time alerts, and expert remediation steps, crucial for maintaining a secure network environment.



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