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CVE-2023-34843 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Traggo Server affects v. 0.3.0.


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Traggo Server is a software application that is primarily designed to provide automated solutions for transportation logistics to various business organizations. The product offers a streamlined approach for scheduling, tracking, and delivering commercial orders. The software is essential for businesses that require timely, efficient, and secure transportation management.

One of the vulnerabilities detected in Traggo Server is CVE-2023-34843. This particular vulnerability exposes the software to directory traversal attacks via a crafted GET request. In simpler terms, the application can be compromised by malicious actors who can exploit the flaw to access unauthorized files and directories beyond the web server root directory. This poses a serious threat to the overall security and privacy of the application.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can bring about numerous negative consequences. First, sensitive business information can be stolen or destroyed. This can adversely affect the bottom line of the affected organization. Secondly, unauthorized access to the transportation logistics system can result in chaos as attackers manipulate logistics, resulting in undelivered products and consequently unsatisfied customers. Moreover, exploited application vulnerabilities can be used as a stepping stone for further attacks to compromise the entire network.

In conclusion, protecting your digital assets from vulnerabilities is of paramount importance.'s pro features make it easy for individuals and organizations to quickly identify, track and thwart potential threats such as Traggo Server's CVE-2023-34843 vulnerability. The proactive identification of such vulnerabilities is an essential step in preventing successful cyber attacks and maintaining robust cybersecurity posture.



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