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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Ubigeo de Peru affects v. < 3.6.4


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Ubigeo de Peru para WooCommerce is a plugin designed for WooCommerce platforms, primarily used by e-commerce sites in Peru to manage geographic locations and addresses. It facilitates the categorization and identification of districts, provinces, and departments within Peru, streamlining the checkout process for customers by providing precise and localized address options. This plugin is essential for businesses that require detailed Peruvian geographic data to offer accurate shipping, taxation, and localized services. By integrating this plugin, WooCommerce sites enhance user experience, improve operational efficiency, and comply with local commerce regulations. It is a vital tool for e-commerce platforms looking to expand their reach within the Peruvian market.

The SQL Injection vulnerability within Ubigeo de Peru para WooCommerce is triggered via AJAX actions that improperly handle user inputs. Specifically, the 'rt_ubigeo_load_distritos_address' AJAX action fails to sanitize and escape the 'idProv' parameter, allowing attackers to inject malicious SQL code. This code is executed on the server, potentially compromising the database integrity and confidentiality. The vulnerability is exploitable through the 'admin-ajax.php' endpoint, a common entry point for AJAX requests in WordPress. This endpoint's misuse without proper security checks facilitates the execution of unauthorized SQL commands, highlighting the critical need for input validation.

If exploited, the SQL Injection vulnerability could have severe consequences, including unauthorized access to user accounts, disclosure of sensitive personal and financial information, alteration or deletion of data, and potential website defacement. Such breaches can result in significant reputational damage, loss of customer trust, and financial liabilities for the affected businesses. Moreover, it may serve as a gateway for further attacks, allowing attackers to escalate privileges or spread malware. The impact extends beyond data loss, threatening the integrity and availability of e-commerce operations on the WooCommerce platform.

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