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CVE-2019-16920 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in D-Link DIR-655C, DIR-866L, DIR-652, DHP-1565, DIR-855L, DAP-1533, DIR-862L, DIR-615, DIR-835, and DIR-825 affects v. Unknown.


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CVE-2019-16920 Scanner Detail

D-Link is a popular brand among those who seek a reliable and efficient networking solution for their homes or offices. Among its products, the DIR-655C, DIR-866L, DIR-652, DHP-1565, DIR-855L, DAP-1533, DIR-862L, DIR-615, DIR-835, and DIR-825 are some of the most popular ones. These products are used as networking devices that establish and maintain connections between devices via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. They offer great convenience for users who need an efficient way to share files, access the internet, and establish stable connections.

One of the vulnerabilities that have been detected in these products is CVE-2019-16920. This vulnerability is caused by a flaw in the design of the PingTest device common gateway interface. Essentially, an attacker can exploit this vulnerability by sending an arbitrary input to the interface, which could lead to a command injection. This means that an attacker who successfully triggers the command injection could gain full access to the system.

When exploited, this vulnerability could lead to a complete system compromise. This means that attackers could gain access to sensitive information, such as personal data, intellectual property, or company secrets. It could also lead to a full network takeover, which could be catastrophic for companies that rely on it for their operations.

In conclusion, vulnerabilities such as CVE-2019-16920 highlight the importance of keeping all digital assets secure. With the advanced features of the platform, users can get the information they need to protect against such vulnerabilities easily and quickly. Protecting digital assets should be a top priority for all individuals and companies, and the right tools and resources can make all the difference.



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