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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in UpdraftPlus affects v. < 1.22.9


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UpdraftPlus is a widely utilized WordPress plugin offering backup and restoration services for websites powered by WordPress. It is designed to protect website data by creating backups of website files and databases, which can be restored in the event of data loss, hacking, or website migration. UpdraftPlus supports scheduled backups, cloud storage options, and is known for its ease of use, making it a popular choice among WordPress administrators and website owners. The plugin is integral for maintaining website security and integrity by ensuring that website data can be quickly recovered without significant downtime or data loss.

Specifically, the vulnerability can be triggered when an administrator accesses a maliciously crafted URL within the UpdraftPlus settings page in the WordPress admin panel. The unsanitized 'updraft_interval' parameter allows for the injection of JavaScript code, which is then executed in the user's browser. This execution can lead to unauthorized actions being performed on behalf of the admin, theft of session tokens, or redirecting the admin to malicious websites. The reflected nature of this XSS vulnerability requires the victim to visit a specially crafted link, which could be distributed via phishing attacks or other social engineering techniques.

Exploitation of this Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability could have several impacts, including the compromise of administrator accounts, theft of sensitive information, manipulation of website content, and spreading of malware to visitors. The ability to execute scripts in the context of the administrator's session could allow attackers to perform any action that the administrator can, potentially leading to a full site compromise. Additionally, the trust and credibility of the affected website could be severely damaged if visitors are subjected to malicious content or phishing attempts.

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