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CVE-2024-33575 scanner - Information Disclosure vulnerability in User Meta WP Plugin


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User Meta WP Plugin is widely used by WordPress website administrators to manage user metadata efficiently. It allows for the customization of user profiles and extends the default user management capabilities. The plugin is primarily utilized in environments where enhanced user data management is essential, such as membership sites, educational platforms, and e-commerce websites. Developed by User Meta, this plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, offering various features to streamline user management processes. However, vulnerabilities in the plugin can lead to severe security risks.

The Information Disclosure vulnerability in the User Meta WP Plugin allows unauthenticated attackers to extract sensitive configuration data via the /views/debug.php file. This issue affects all versions up to and including 3.0. The exposed information can be leveraged to gain further access or exploit other vulnerabilities in the system. It is crucial for administrators to update to version 3.1, where this issue has been fixed.

The vulnerability exists in the /views/debug.php file of the User Meta WP Plugin. This endpoint is accessible without authentication and exposes sensitive configuration data when accessed. The vulnerable parameter does not properly validate or sanitize input, allowing the attacker to retrieve debugging information. This data can include details about the server environment, database configurations, and other critical information that should not be publicly accessible. Ensuring that the endpoint is not accessible or updating to the latest version can mitigate this risk.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive configuration data. Attackers can use the disclosed information to understand the underlying architecture and security mechanisms of the site. This knowledge can facilitate further attacks, such as SQL Injection or Remote Code Execution, by revealing potential weaknesses. Additionally, it can lead to the exposure of database credentials, API keys, and other critical information that should remain confidential.

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