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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Users Ultra affects v. <= 3.1.0


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Users Ultra is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to enhance user management and community-building capabilities on WordPress sites. It offers a wide array of features, including user profiles, membership levels, social media integration, and custom fields, catering to the needs of community websites, membership sites, and any WordPress site requiring advanced user management. Developed by UsersUltra, this plugin is particularly popular among website administrators looking for comprehensive user management solutions. It allows for the creation of sophisticated user communities within WordPress, facilitating engagement and interaction among site members. The plugin is widely used across various types of websites, from small community forums to large membership-based services.

Specifically, the vulnerability is present in the way the plugin processes the data_target parameter within an SQL statement executed through the rating_vote AJAX action. The parameter is not sufficiently sanitized or escaped before being interpolated into the SQL query, allowing attackers to insert malicious SQL code. This can lead to SQL Injection attacks, where attackers could retrieve sensitive information from the database, modify database data, or even escalate privileges. The exploit does not require user authentication, making it particularly severe since it can be exploited by any user or bot that can send requests to the admin-ajax.php file of a WordPress site using this plugin.

Exploiting this SQL Injection vulnerability can have severe consequences, including unauthorized access to sensitive data such as user information, passwords, and personal data stored in the database. Attackers could also manipulate or delete data, disrupt the integrity of the website, or use the compromised site to launch further attacks against users. In the worst-case scenario, attackers could gain administrative access to the WordPress dashboard, allowing them to take complete control over the website, modify its content, or use it as part of a botnet for malicious activities.

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