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CVE-2016-6195 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in vBulletin affects v. before 4.2.2 Patch Level 5 and 4.2.3 before Patch Level 1.


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CVE-2016-6195 Scanner Detail

vBulletin is a commercial internet forum software package that enables their customers to create online communities or forums. Suitable for web developers, hobbyists and small enterprises, the software offers various features including template systems with fully customizable style options and modular extension to allow users to enhance and customize their forums according to their preference. Additionally, vBulletin software supports multiple database types and offers a powerful admin control panel to manage users, threads, and forum settings.

The vBulletin CVE-2016-6195 vulnerability was discovered in the forumrunner/includes/moderation.php file. This vulnerability enables hackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands by triggering the postids parameter in the forumrunner/request.php script. When successfully exploited, the vulnerability can grant unauthorized access, allowing attackers to manipulate the database, extract sensitive information, or execute malicious codes.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to potentially devastating consequences. Hackers can easily use the exploit to gain privileged access and gain control of the targeted systems, making it possible to steal users' financial data, infiltrate email accounts, and even create backdoors to compromise other systems connected to the network. The affected websites can also suffer losses of user trust and in turn lower levels of business.'s platform offers pro features that enable users to quickly and quickly identify vulnerabilities in their digital assets. By utilizing their advanced capabilities, users can rest knowing that their systems are secured and fully protected from potential hacking threats. Keep your online community safe and secure by investing in today.



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