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Detects 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability in VMware vRealize Network Insight affects v. 6.x. Ensure your systems are updated to mitigate this critical security issue.


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VMware vRealize Network Insight is a network operations management solution, designed for managing network and security infrastructure in complex IT environments. It provides comprehensive visibility and analytics across virtual, physical, and cloud networks. Utilized by network operations and security teams, vRealize Network Insight aids in network planning, scaling, and optimizing application security and performance. This software is critical for ensuring the efficient and secure operation of IT infrastructures in enterprises, making it a vital tool for modern network management.

The CVE-2023-20887 vulnerability in VMware vRealize Network Insight is a critical remote code execution flaw that stems from improper input validation within its Apache Thrift RPC interface. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the system as the root user, bypassing the reverse proxy meant to protect the RPC interface. The critical nature of this flaw highlights significant security risks, offering attackers the ability to gain complete control over the affected system.

The vulnerability exists due to command injection possibilities when accepting user input through the Apache Thrift RPC interface. Specifically, the issue lies in the createSupportBundle method, where malicious inputs can be crafted to execute arbitrary commands. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can remotely execute code as the root user without authentication, leveraging the system's underlying operating system vulnerabilities. The flaw is particularly dangerous as it allows for a wide range of malicious activities, from data theft to complete system compromise.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can have devastating consequences, including unauthorized system access, data exfiltration, system downtime, and potential lateral movement within the network. Attackers gaining root access could manipulate system configurations, deploy malware, or extract sensitive information, leading to significant operational and reputational damage for the affected organization.

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