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CVE-2021-22054 Scanner

Detects 'Server Side Template Injection (SSTI)' vulnerability in VMware Workspace ONE UEM console affects v. VMware Workspace ONE UEM console 20.0.8 prior to, 20.11.0 prior to, 21.2.0 prior to, and 21.5.0 prior to


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CVE-2021-22054 Scanner Detail

VMware Workspace ONE UEM console is an enterprise-grade mobile device management solution used to manage, secure and operate endpoint devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The console is utilized in large organizations and businesses to provide centralized mobility management and streamline the deployment of business applications and data to employee devices. Workspace ONE provides a comprehensive set of management features, including device enrollment, policy management, application distribution, and security controls.

Recently, a vulnerability called CVE-2021-22054 was detected in the VMware Workspace ONE UEM console, which could potentially leave organizations vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) vulnerability could allow hackers with access to the network to send requests to the UEM console without authentication. This type of vulnerability is particularly dangerous because it enables the attacker to gain access to sensitive data that should remain confidential.

Exploitation of the CVE-2021-22054 vulnerability could lead to the unauthorized access of sensitive information, including usernames, passwords, client data, personal information, and intellectual property. Malicious actors could also use the vulnerability to gain access to the entire device management infrastructure, allowing them to execute malicious commands to remotely take control of employee devices and potentially infiltrate the organization's sensitive information.

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