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CVE-2021-24436 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress affects v. before 2.1.4.


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Vulnerability Overview:

  • CVE Identifier: CVE-2021-24436
  • Vulnerable Component: Extensions dashboard in W3 Total Cache plugin
  • Parameters Affected: extension
  • Issue: The lack of proper escaping for the extension parameter enables the injection of malicious scripts.

Vulnerability Details:

CVE-2021-24436 arises from insufficient input sanitization within the W3 Total Cache plugin's Extensions dashboard, specifically involving the extension parameter. Malicious actors can exploit this oversight by crafting a specially designed URL that, when visited by an authenticated administrator, triggers the execution of arbitrary JavaScript in the context of the user's session. This vulnerability can serve as a gateway for further attacks, including but not limited to data exfiltration, session hijacking, and persistent website defacement.

The Importance of Mitigating CVE-2021-24436:

The potential exploitation of this XSS vulnerability underscores the critical need for robust web security measures. For organizations, the implications extend beyond immediate data loss to encompass regulatory scrutiny, reputational damage, and eroded user trust. Prompt remediation efforts, such as applying the necessary updates or patches, are essential to mitigate these risks effectively.

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