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CVE-2023-1698 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Command Execution' vulnerability in WAGO Compact Controller 100 Firmware, leading to unauthorized access and system compromise.


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WAGO's Compact Controller 100 is an advanced industrial control system widely utilized across various sectors for automating processes and operations. This product is integral to modern industrial setups, offering precision control, monitoring, and data acquisition capabilities. Its firmware plays a critical role in ensuring the reliable operation of machinery and processes, impacting production efficiency and safety. The device is favored for its compact design, scalability, and ease of integration into existing systems, serving as a cornerstone of industrial automation solutions.

CVE-2023-1698 represents a critical vulnerability within the WAGO Compact Controller 100 Firmware that enables unauthenticated, remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands. This vulnerability stems from inadequate input validation, allowing attackers to inject and execute commands, potentially leading to the creation of new users, alteration of device configurations, or full system compromise. The severity of this flaw cannot be understated, as it directly impacts the operational integrity and security of affected devices.

The exploitation mechanism involves sending specially crafted POST requests to a vulnerable endpoint in the device's web-based management interface (/wbm/plugins/wbm-legal-information/platform/pfcXXX/licenses.php). The vulnerability allows for the injection of arbitrary commands through the 'package' parameter, bypassing authentication mechanisms. Successful exploitation could result in unauthorized command execution, providing attackers with the ability to alter system configurations, disrupt services, or gain complete control over the affected system.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have severe consequences, including unauthorized system access, data exfiltration, service disruption (Denial of Service), and the potential for a full system compromise. Such breaches can lead to significant operational downtime, compromise of sensitive information, and undermine the security posture of the entire industrial environment. The critical nature of this vulnerability underscores the importance of securing industrial control systems against remote attacks.

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