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Watu Quiz is a WordPress plugin developed by Kiboko Labs, designed to create quizzes and surveys for educational, marketing, and entertainment purposes on WordPress sites. It is widely used by educators, marketers, and bloggers to engage with their audience, collect data, and provide interactive content. The plugin allows for the creation of multiple-choice questions, single-answer questions, and essays. It is particularly popular among e-learning platforms and websites looking to add interactive quizzes and surveys to their content. The vulnerability affects versions prior to, posing risks to a wide range of websites utilizing this plugin.

The Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Watu Quiz plugin before version arises from the plugin's failure to properly sanitize and escape output for several parameters including email, dn, date, and points. This oversight allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into pages, which can then be executed in the context of the user's browser. This particular vulnerability targets high-privilege users, such as administrators, and could lead to the theft of authentication credentials or other attacks.

The flaw is specifically present in the administrative interface of the Watu Quiz plugin, where parameters such as email, dn, date, and points are not properly sanitized or escaped before being displayed back in the page. By crafting a malicious URL that includes these parameters, an attacker can inject and execute arbitrary JavaScript code in the browser of any user who accesses the link, assuming they have the necessary permissions. The vulnerability is exploited through crafted URLs targeting the plugin's quiz results and taking pages.

Exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to several adverse outcomes, including the theft of session cookies, impersonation of privileged users, redirection of users to malicious websites, and potentially further exploitation of the affected site. High-privilege users such as site administrators are particularly at risk, which could compromise the entire WordPress site's security.

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