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CVE-2020-13117 Scanner

Detects 'Command Injection' vulnerability in Wavlink WN575A4 and WN579X3 affects v. through 2020-05-15.


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CVE-2020-13117 Scanner Detail

The Wavlink WN575A4 and WN579X3 devices are widely used in homes and workplaces as powerful routers that offer high-speed internet connectivity to multiple devices simultaneously. These devices are popular for their reliable and consistent performance, and offer users a range of features such as secure guest network access, parental controls, and easy setup. Their sleek design and affordable pricing also make them popular among consumers.

One significant vulnerability that has been detected in these devices is the CVE-2020-13117. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated remote users to inject commands via the key parameter in a login request, giving them unauthorized access to the router's system. Attackers can use this vulnerability to take over the device, gain full control, and wreak havoc in the network.

This exploit could lead to a range of serious consequences, including unauthorized monitoring of online activity, the interception of sensitive data and passwords, and remote access to all devices connected to the network. Attackers could even use the compromised router to launch further attacks on other devices.

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