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Detects 'Unrestricted File Upload' vulnerability in Weaver E-Office affects v. 9.5.


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Weaver E-Office is a software used by businesses for document management and collaboration purposes. This tool enables companies to store and share their files internally, with a secure infrastructure that supports different file formats. Weaver E-Office is a widely used platform, with a range of features including message boards, calendar, email integration, and more.

Recently, a critical vulnerability was discovered in Weaver E-Office 9.5 identified by the code CVE-2023-2648. This vulnerability has been classified as highly dangerous, as it allows for unrestricted uploads through the manipulation of the argument Filedata. Hackers can remotely initiate the attack, taking advantage of the vulnerability to infiltrate the system and cause damage to the organization's digital assets.

When exploited, this vulnerability can result in significant damage to the company's information system. Hackers can upload malicious files that can cause ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other types of cyber attacks. Once these files have been uploaded, they can be used to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and compromise important operational systems. Such attacks can lead to financial loss, loss of customer trust, legal ramifications, among other consequences.

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