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CVE-2016-10108 Scanner

Detects 'OS Command Injection' vulnerability in Western Digital MyCloud NAS affects v. 2.11.142.


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Western Digital MyCloud NAS is a network-attached storage device used for storing and sharing data across a local area network. It is a popular device among both individuals and businesses due to its ease of use and convenience. The MyCloud NAS allows users to access their files from anywhere, making it an attractive option for remote work and collaboration.

CVE-2016-10108 is a vulnerability detected in the Western Digital MyCloud NAS 2.11.142. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated remote command injection as root through a modified arg parameter in the POST data. This vulnerability can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to the device and steal sensitive data or install malicious software.

When exploited, CVE-2016-10108 can lead to serious consequences for users of the MyCloud NAS. Attackers can gain complete control over the device, allowing them to view and steal sensitive personal or business data stored on the device. They can also install malware or ransomware, encrypting or deleting important files and causing significant damage or loss.

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