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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Wing FTP affects v. 6.4.4.


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Wing FTP is software used for managing file transfer protocols and serves as an FTP server for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This powerful software has been designed to cater to both individuals and businesses alike, offering users a versatile and efficient tool for managing their files and data. Wing FTP makes it easy to manage files, set up user accounts, track activity, and handle file transfers in a reliable and secure way.

Recently, a vulnerability was detected in Wing FTP, identified as CVE-2020-27735. This flaw is an XSS issue that can be used to inject an arbitrary IFRAME element into the help pages. This allows attackers to execute arbitrary HTML and JavaScript in the user's browser, potentially endangering their sensitive data and systems. This vulnerability could be exploited by attackers to conduct phishing attacks that could lead to identity theft, planting viruses or malware on the user's computer, or even taking control of the user's system.

If the CVE-2020-27735 vulnerability is left unchecked and exploited, it can lead to significant consequences for users and their digital assets. Personal and sensitive data could be compromised, resulting in identity theft or financial fraud. Malware or viruses could be installed on the user's computer, leading to issues with operation and potentially leading to a significant loss of data. In the most severe cases, attackers could gain complete control over a user's computer, potentially leading to theft or tampering of data.

By taking these precautions, users can greatly reduce their risk of exposure to this vulnerability in Wing FTP. Additionally, by using, users can gain access to a powerful tool for managing their digital assets and protecting against vulnerabilities like CVE-2020-27735. offers a range of features designed to help users identify and respond to risks to their digital assets. By using this platform, users can stay ahead of the game and ensure that their data remains safe and secure.



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