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CVE-2023-52085 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in Winter CMS affects v. before 1.2.4.


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CVE-2023-52085 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

Winter CMS before version 1.2.4 suffers from a Local File Inclusion vulnerability due to unvalidated input in ColorPicker FormWidget, allowing attackers with backend access to include local files, potentially leading to sensitive information disclosure.

Vulnerability Details

Attackers exploit this vulnerability by manipulating the ColorPicker FormWidget's input, leading to the inclusion of arbitrary files present on the server. This flaw specifically impacts the custom stylesheets compilation process via LESS, opening a path for LFI attacks.

Possible Effects

  • Information Disclosure: Access to sensitive files like /etc/passwd.
  • Unauthorized Access: Potential pathway to more severe exploitation vectors.

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