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Detects 'Arbitrary File Upload' vulnerability in WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager affects v. Before 18.0


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WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager is a plugin for WordPress websites, designed to enhance the checkout process of WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce platform. This plugin allows site administrators to customize checkout fields, adding flexibility and personalized options to meet the needs of their online store. It's commonly used by eCommerce businesses to improve user experience during checkout, by adjusting fields to collect specific information from customers. The plugin's capabilities include adding, editing, and removing fields on the checkout page, making it an essential tool for merchants looking to optimize their sales process and streamline customer interactions.

The Arbitrary File Upload vulnerability in the WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager plugin before version 18.0 poses a critical security risk. It allows unauthenticated attackers to upload arbitrary files, including malicious PHP scripts, to the server without proper validation or restrictions. This flaw can lead to remote code execution on the affected website, giving attackers the ability to compromise the website's integrity, access sensitive data, and potentially take full control of the site. The severity of this vulnerability is underscored by its high CVSS score of 9.8, indicating a critical impact on the website's security.

The vulnerability is specifically found in the plugin's handling of file uploads through the cfom_upload_file action in the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php file. Due to inadequate validation of uploaded files, attackers can exploit this flaw by submitting a specially crafted request to upload a PHP file with a malicious payload. Once uploaded, the attacker can access the file directly via a URL, executing the payload on the server. This process bypasses any security measures intended to prevent unauthorized file uploads, making it possible for attackers to execute arbitrary code on the website.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have severe consequences, including unauthorized access to the website, theft of sensitive data, defacement of the site, and distribution of malware to users. It can also serve as a gateway for further attacks, such as moving laterally within the network to which the server is connected. The impact extends beyond the compromised website to affect customers and users, leading to potential breaches of privacy and trust, financial loss, and damage to the reputation of the affected business.

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