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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in WordPress Best Books affects v. <= 2.6.3


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WordPress Best Books is a plugin tailored for WordPress sites, designed to manage and display book collections. It serves libraries, bookstores, and individual collectors by enabling them to showcase their books online in an organized and accessible manner. This plugin supports the categorization of books, provides detailed views of each book, and includes features for search and management within the WordPress dashboard. It is particularly useful for educational institutions, authors, and online retailers looking to promote literacy and accessibility to their collections. The plugin's integration with WordPress makes it a convenient choice for users already familiar with the WordPress ecosystem.

The technical flaw occurs within an AJAX action where specific parameters are not adequately sanitized and escaped before being included in a SQL query. This vulnerability is exploitable via the 'bestbooks_add_transaction' action, where the 'description', 'debit', and 'credit' parameters can be manipulated to inject malicious SQL code. Since the vulnerability can be exploited without authentication, it poses a significant risk, allowing attackers to manipulate database queries and access sensitive data. The exploitation of this flaw can lead to unauthorized administrative operations and data leakage from the affected site's database.

Exploitation of this SQL Injection vulnerability can have several adverse effects, including unauthorized access to sensitive data, such as user credentials and personal information. Attackers could modify or delete data within the database, leading to data loss or corruption. Additionally, this could facilitate further attacks, such as privilege escalation or lateral movement within the network. The integrity and availability of the affected website could be compromised, resulting in reputational damage and potential legal implications for failing to safeguard user data.

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