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Detects 'Arbitrary File Upload' vulnerability in WordPress Booking Calendar affects v. <3.2.2


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The WordPress Booking Calendar plugin is a tool designed for WordPress websites to enable booking and reservation functionalities. It is widely used by businesses and individuals to manage appointments, room bookings, or any booking type directly on their websites. Developed by wpdevart, this plugin offers an interactive calendar, a user-friendly interface, and customization options to suit various booking needs. The plugin simplifies the process of managing bookings, making it an essential tool for businesses such as hotels, rental services, and event organizers. Its vulnerability to arbitrary file uploads poses a critical security risk, potentially compromising the website's integrity and the security of its data.

CVE-2022-3982 describes a critical arbitrary file upload vulnerability found in versions of the WordPress Booking Calendar plugin before 3.2.2. This vulnerability allows attackers to upload and execute arbitrary files on the server without authentication. Such a flaw can lead to remote code execution, providing attackers with the capability to manipulate the website, access sensitive information, or further compromise the web server. As a result, websites using vulnerable versions of this plugin are at significant risk of being exploited.

The arbitrary file upload vulnerability within the WordPress Booking Calendar plugin arises due to insufficient validation of uploaded files. Attackers can exploit this flaw by crafting malicious files, such as PHP scripts, and uploading them through the plugin's functionality, bypassing any checks for file type or content. Once uploaded, these files can be executed on the server, granting attackers the ability to perform various malicious activities. The vulnerability specifically affects the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php file handling mechanism, where insufficient security measures allow unauthenticated file uploads.

Exploiting the arbitrary file upload vulnerability in the WordPress Booking Calendar plugin can have severe consequences. Attackers can gain unauthorized access to the website, execute arbitrary code, steal sensitive data, create backdoors for future access, and potentially take over the entire web server. This compromise can lead to significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and legal implications for the website owner. Additionally, the website can be used as a platform for further attacks against users or other websites.

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