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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in CDI plugin for WordPress affects v. before 5.1.9.


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The CDI WordPress plugin is a tool used by website owners and developers to simplify the creation of custom content, designs, and functionalities for their WordPress-based websites. With this plugin, users can easily add and manage custom post types, fields, and taxonomies, as well as customize the look and feel of their sites using pre-built templates and themes.

However, recently a vulnerability was detected in the CDI WordPress plugin, specifically CVE-2022-1933, which exposes websites to a Reflected Cross-Site Scripting attack. This vulnerability arises due to the plugin's failure to sanitize and escape a parameter before outputting it back in the response of an AJAX action.

The consequences of exploiting this vulnerability can be catastrophic. Attackers can inject malicious scripts into a website and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as cookies, session tokens, or even login credentials. This can lead to hijacked user accounts, data theft, website defacement, or the distribution of malware to website visitors.

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