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CVE-2022-3908 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in WordPress Helloprint plugin affecting versions before 1.4.7. Immediate update recommended.


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The WordPress Helloprint plugin integrates Helloprint's printing and design services into WordPress websites, enabling users to easily access and manage printing services directly from their site's backend. This plugin is widely used by businesses and individuals who require seamless integration of print services with their WordPress site, facilitating a more efficient workflow for printing marketing materials, business cards, and more. The identified vulnerability poses a significant security risk that could compromise user data and website integrity.

The Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in versions of the WordPress Helloprint plugin before 1.4.7 arises from inadequate sanitization and escaping of user-supplied data before output. This flaw allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages viewed by other users. If exploited, it could lead to unauthorized access to user sessions, theft of sensitive information, or redirection to malicious sites.

Specifically, the vulnerability is present in a parameter used by the plugin, which fails to properly sanitize input, allowing for the injection of arbitrary HTML and script code into the web page. This could be exploited by an attacker by crafting a malicious URL or submitting a crafted request to the affected site. When processed by the browser of an authenticated user, the injected code executes within the context of the user's session.

Exploitation of this XSS vulnerability could lead to various security breaches, including but not limited to, theft of authentication cookies, session hijacking, phishing attacks, and the distribution of malware to users. The impact of such attacks can extend beyond the compromised site, potentially affecting users' personal and financial information.

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