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CVE-2021-24946 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in Modern Events Calendar Lite plugin for WordPress affects v. before 6.1.5.


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Modern Events Calendar Lite is a popular WordPress plugin used to create and manage events on websites. With the help of this plugin, users can easily and smoothly create and display events with detailed information such as the date, time, location, and more. This plugin has gained popularity for its easy-to-use features and customizable options that offer a hassle-free event management experience to website owners.

However, this plugin has a vulnerability that can pose a huge risk to website security. CVE-2021-24946 is an unauthenticated SQL injection issue that was detected in the Modern Events Calendar Lite plugin version before 6.1.5. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated users to bypass security measures and manipulate the SQL queries that are executed on the database server.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to a number of serious consequences. Hackers can use this security flaw to insert their own malicious SQL code into the plugin's database queries, leading to data theft, data alteration, site defacement, and other critical attacks. This can compromise the entire website and all data stored on it, including user data and payment information.

In conclusion, website security should always be a top priority for any website owner or developer. The Modern Events Calendar Lite plugin is a popular WordPress plugin that has a serious vulnerability, which can pose a huge risk to website security. With the pro features of, users can quickly and easily learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets and take necessary precautions to protect their website from potential attacks.



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