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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in multiple Wordpress themes.


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WordPress themes are pre-designed templates used for creating websites without needing to hire a designer or programmer. They save time and resources while allowing users to easily customize the appearance of their website. These themes are used to create all types of websites, including blogs, e-commerce sites, business pages and portfolios. They are available in both free and paid options and can be accessed directly from the WordPress dashboard.

The CVE-2023-2813 vulnerability has been detected in these WordPress themes;

  • Aapna WordPress theme through 1.3,
  • Anand WordPress theme through 1.2,
  • Anfaust WordPress theme through 1.1,
  • Arendelle WordPress theme before 1.1.13,
  • Atlast Business WordPress theme through,
  • Bazaar Lite WordPress theme before 1.8.6,
  • Brain Power WordPress theme through 1.2,
  • BunnyPressLite WordPress theme before 2.1,
  • Cafe Bistro WordPress theme before 1.1.4,
  • College WordPress theme before 1.5.1,
  • Connections Reloaded WordPress theme through 3.1,
  • Counterpoint WordPress theme through 1.8.1,
  • Digitally WordPress theme through 1.0.8,
  • Directory WordPress theme before 3.0.2,
  • Drop WordPress theme before 1.22,
  • Everse WordPress theme before 1.2.4,
  • Fashionable Store WordPress theme through 1.3.4,
  • Fullbase WordPress theme before 1.2.1,
  • Ilex WordPress theme before 1.4.2,
  • Js O3 Lite WordPress theme through,
  • Js Paper WordPress theme through 2.5.7,
  • Kata WordPress theme before 1.2.9,
  • Kata App WordPress theme through 1.0.5,
  • Kata Business WordPress theme through 1.0.2,
  • Looki Lite WordPress theme before 1.3.0,
  • moseter WordPress theme through 1.3.1,
  • Nokke WordPress theme before 1.2.4,
  • Nothing Personal WordPress theme through 1.0.7,
  • Offset Writing WordPress theme through 1.2,
  • Opor Ayam WordPress theme through 18,
  • Pinzolo WordPress theme before 1.2.10,
  • Plato WordPress theme before 1.1.9,
  • Polka Dots WordPress theme through 1.2,
  • Purity Of Soul WordPress theme through 1.9,
  • Restaurant PT WordPress theme before 1.1.3,
  • Saul WordPress theme before 1.1.0,
  • Sean Lite WordPress theme before 1.4.6,
  • Tantyyellow WordPress theme through,
  • TIJAJI WordPress theme through 1.43,
  • Tiki Time WordPress theme through 1.3,
  • Tuaug4 WordPress theme through 1.4,
  • Tydskrif WordPress theme through 1.1.3,
  • UltraLight WordPress theme through 1.2,
  • Venice Lite WordPress theme before 1.5.5,
  • Viala WordPress theme through 1.3.1,
  • viburno WordPress theme before 1.3.2,
  • Wedding Bride WordPress theme before 1.0.2 and
  • Wlow WordPress theme before 1.2.7 .

This vulnerability is caused by a flaw in the search box of the themes, making them vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. An unauthenticated user can exploit the vulnerability by clicking a malicious link, allowing the attacker to execute arbitrary code and access sensitive user data.

If exploited, this vulnerability could lead to severe consequences. An attacker can take over the website or steal valuable user data, compromising the trust of customers and potentially damaging a business's reputation. The attacker can also gain access to sensitive information such as personal identification data, login credentials, and payment information.

It is important to stay aware of the latest security vulnerabilities in digital assets, especially when using WordPress themes. Thanks to the pro features provided by, users can easily stay updated on vulnerabilities in their digital assets and take proactive steps to protect themselves from potential attacks. With features like comprehensive scanning and reporting, users can rest assured their digital assets are protected by industry-leading security practices.



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