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The WordPress Pie Register plugin is a tool used by web developers and site administrators to create custom registration forms, user logins, and content restriction management on WordPress websites. It is developed by Genetech Solutions and is widely used for its flexibility and ease of use, providing various features such as custom registration fields, invitation codes, and payment integration. This plugin is particularly popular among WordPress site owners who wish to enhance user engagement and security by implementing customized user registration processes. The vulnerability in question affects versions of the plugin prior to, potentially impacting a broad range of WordPress sites using this plugin.

The vulnerability within the WordPress Pie Register plugin is an open redirect issue that arises because the plugin fails to properly validate redirect URLs upon user login and logout. This flaw can be exploited by attackers to redirect users to malicious websites, which could result in phishing attacks, the theft of sensitive information, or the execution of unauthorized actions on behalf of the user. The presence of this vulnerability represents a significant security risk, as it can compromise the integrity and reputation of affected websites.

The technical flaw originates from the plugin's mishandling of the redirect_to parameter in login and logout requests. Specifically, it does not adequately verify the URLs to which it redirects users after they log in or log out, allowing attackers to inject external URLs. By crafting a malicious URL that includes the redirect_to parameter pointing to an attacker-controlled website, malicious actors can lead unsuspecting users away from the legitimate WordPress site. This vulnerability exposes users to potential phishing schemes or malware distribution campaigns.

If exploited, the open redirect vulnerability in the WordPress Pie Register plugin can lead to several adverse effects. Users can be redirected to phishing sites where their personal and login information might be stolen, exposing them to identity theft or unauthorized access to their accounts. Additionally, being redirected to malicious sites can result in malware infection, further compromising the user's device and data. For website owners, such exploitation undermines the trust and security of their WordPress site, potentially damaging their reputation and user base.

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