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Detects 'Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)' vulnerability in Canto plugin for Wordpress affects v. 1.3.0.


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The Canto plugin for WordPress is an image management tool that enables users to easily upload and organize their images within their WordPress sites. It allows the user to create galleries, edit images, and share them with others. Canto plugin makes it simple and easy to control and maintain images online, and improve on-page visuals.

Recently, a security flaw has been detected in the version 1.3.0 of the Canto plugin used by WordPress. The vulnerability code is known as CVE-2020-28976. The vulnerability arises due to a blind SSRF bug, which permits unauthenticated aggressors to make requests to external and internal servers via /includes/lib/detail.php?subdomain=SSRF.

The CVE-2020-28976 vulnerability enables hackers to perform a Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attack to impersonate the plugin and send requests to a target web server. These attackers can also use the plugin as a proxy server to bypass firewalls, access internal data, and steal sensitive information. This vulnerability could put users’ digital assets at extreme danger of cyberattacks and sabotage.

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