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Detects 'Arbitrary File Upload' vulnerability in WordPress Plugin Forminator affects v. up to and including 1.24.6


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The Forminator plugin for WordPress facilitates the creation and management of forms, polls, and quizzes on WordPress sites. It's widely used by website administrators and developers to engage with their audience through interactive content. The plugin allows for easy integration into WordPress websites, offering a user-friendly interface and a variety of customization options to meet the diverse needs of site owners. Its functionality enhances the interactivity and user engagement of websites, making it an essential tool for collecting user feedback and data. This vulnerability highlights the importance of securing plugins to protect website integrity and user data.

The Arbitrary File Upload vulnerability in the Forminator plugin for WordPress, identified as CVE-2023-4596, represents a critical security flaw. It allows unauthenticated attackers to upload arbitrary files to a website's server, bypassing intended file type validation mechanisms. This vulnerability exposes affected websites to potential remote code execution attacks, where attackers could execute malicious code on the server. The risk is heightened due to the lack of required authentication for exploiting this vulnerability, making it a severe threat to the security of WordPress websites using the vulnerable versions of Forminator.

This vulnerability specifically resides in the upload_post_image() function of the Forminator plugin, where file type validation is improperly handled. After a file is uploaded to the server, its type is checked, rather than restricting file types prior to upload. Attackers can exploit this flaw by uploading a file with a malicious payload, such as a PHP script, disguised with an acceptable file extension. Once uploaded, the attacker can access the file on the server, executing the malicious script. Versions up to and including 1.24.6 of the Forminator plugin are affected, making it imperative for users to update to a secure version.

If exploited, this vulnerability could lead to unauthorized access and control over the affected website's server, leading to data theft, website defacement, and distribution of malware to site visitors. It could also enable attackers to establish a foothold within the hosting environment, potentially escalating their privileges to compromise additional websites hosted on the same server. The impacts of such an exploit are far-reaching, affecting not only the website's integrity and security but also its reputation and trustworthiness among users.

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