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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in WordPress Plugin WP Statistics affects v. <= 13.1.5


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WP Statistics is a popular analytics plugin for WordPress, designed by VeronaLabs. It enables website owners to track and analyze their website traffic directly from the WordPress dashboard without relying on external services. This plugin provides detailed statistics on visitor counts, geographical locations, page views, and referral sources. It's particularly favored by website administrators for its ease of use and comprehensive data visualization tools. WP Statistics is widely used across various types of websites, from small personal blogs to large business sites, to improve SEO strategies and enhance user engagement.

The WP Statistics plugin versions up to and including 13.1.5 are susceptible to a SQL Injection vulnerability due to improper sanitization and parameterization of the IP parameter in the ~/includes/class-wp-statistics-hits.php file. This flaw allows unauthenticated attackers to inject and execute arbitrary SQL commands. Such vulnerabilities are critical as they can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information, database manipulation, or disclosure of confidential data.

This specific vulnerability is triggered by manipulating the IP parameter in requests sent to the WP Statistics plugin. The lack of adequate input validation enables attackers to craft malicious SQL queries that the server will execute. As a result, attackers can retrieve sensitive data from the database, such as user information, without needing any authentication. This exploitation can occur through simple web requests, making it a severe threat to websites using vulnerable versions of the plugin.

The exploitation of this SQL Injection vulnerability can lead to several adverse effects, including unauthorized access to sensitive database information, alteration or deletion of data, and potential website compromise. It could also result in the exposure of personal data of the website's users, undermining the privacy and security of the affected site. The breach could damage the website's reputation, lead to loss of trust among users, and potentially have legal implications for data protection violations.

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