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Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in WPQA Builder plugin for Wordpress affects v. before 5.5.


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The WPQA Builder plugin is a WordPress plugin designed to create question and answer sections. It's typically used on websites and forums to enable users to post questions, and other users can respond, creating a discussion. The plugin is widely used on WordPress sites to create a platform for people to share ideas and receive answers to their queries.

Recently, a security vulnerability has been discovered in the WPQA Builder plugin. The vulnerability is identified with the CVE-2022-1598 code. The issue is related to the plugin's REST API endpoint, which lacks authentication, allowing unauthorized users to access private questions sent between users on the site. The vulnerability exposes the privacy of sensitive information sent between individuals, making it a significant concern for websites that prioritize data protection.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can have severe implications for websites using the WPQA Builder plugin. For instance, a malicious attacker can use this vulnerability to leak sensitive customer information such as usernames, email addresses, and passwords. Additionally, attackers can use the vulnerability to launch phishing campaigns that target the website's users. The consequences of these attacks can be costly, especially for businesses that could potentially lose their reputation and face legal liabilities.

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