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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in WordPress Popup Builder Plugin affects v. < 4.0.7


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The Popup Builder plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool designed to help website owners create and manage interactive popups for their sites. Developed by Sygnoos, it is widely utilized for engaging visitors, collecting leads, and delivering targeted content or offers. This plugin is favored for its flexibility, ease of use, and integration capabilities with other WordPress tools and services. It is typically used by digital marketers, e-commerce site owners, and anyone looking to enhance user interaction on their WordPress site.

Specifically, the vulnerability is exploited through the admin dashboard where the 'orderby' and 'order' parameters are not properly sanitized before being incorporated into SQL queries. This oversight allows an attacker with administrative access to execute arbitrary SQL commands, which could result in data exfiltration, database corruption, or unauthorized administrative actions. The exploit is conducted via crafted requests to the 'admin-post.php' page, demonstrating a critical need for stringent input validation and parameter sanitization practices.

The exploitation of this SQL Injection vulnerability can lead to severe consequences including theft of sensitive information, unauthorized changes to website content, and the exposure of user data. Attackers could potentially gain control over the website, execute administrative actions without proper authorization, or access confidential database information. This poses significant risks to data privacy, website integrity, and user trust.

By leveraging the security scanning solutions provided by securityforeveryone, website owners can proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities like the SQL Injection flaw in the Popup Builder plugin. Our platform offers comprehensive vulnerability assessments, enabling users to safeguard their digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats. Membership benefits include access to detailed reports, real-time alerts, and tailored security recommendations, ensuring your website remains secure and compliant. Enhance your cybersecurity posture with securityforeveryone and protect your site from potential breaches.



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