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Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in Oturia Smart Google Code Inserter plugin for WordPress affects v. before 3.5.


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The Oturia Smart Google Code Inserter plugin is a widely-used plugin for WordPress that allows users to insert custom Google Analytics tracking codes into their website. It is a handy tool for tracking website traffic and user engagement. The plugin works by inserting the Google Analytics code into the website's header, thereby enabling website administrators to track and analyze website traffic data.

However, this seemingly useful plugin is not immune to vulnerabilities. The CVE-2018-3810 vulnerability detected in the Oturia Smart Google Code Inserter plugin before version 3.5 allows unauthenticated attackers to insert arbitrary JavaScript or HTML code (via the sgcgoogleanalytic parameter) that runs on all pages served by WordPress. The vulnerability is due to the fact that the smartgooglecode.php script that houses the saveGoogleCode() function does not check if the current request is made by an authorized user. This means that any unauthenticated user can successfully update the inserted code, posing a significant risk to the website's security.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to dire consequences for website owners. The arbitrary code inserted by the attacker can potentially compromise the website's security by stealing user credentials, installing malware, or even taking over the entire website. Malicious actors can also use this vulnerability to inject malicious code into the website, causing it to redirect to a malicious site or even perform denial-of-service attacks.

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