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The WordPress Transposh plugin is a tool designed for website localization and translation, enabling dynamic translation of web content into multiple languages. This plugin caters to website owners and developers looking to make their sites accessible to a global audience by providing automated and manual translation options. It integrates with WordPress to allow for easy management of multilingual content, enhancing user engagement by offering content in the reader's preferred language. The plugin supports translations through both automated services and community contributions, facilitating a wider reach for websites in the diverse online landscape.

The information disclosure vulnerability in the WordPress Transposh plugin version up to arises through the AJAX action tp_history, which was intended to track and display translation contributions. This vulnerability allows unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, including the WordPress usernames of translators or the IP addresses of anonymous contributors, by exploiting inadequately protected AJAX endpoints. Such exposure poses a risk by potentially revealing private user information without consent, thereby compromising user privacy and security.

The flaw specifically lies in the handling of the tp_history AJAX action, which fails to properly sanitize and restrict access to sensitive data. When an attacker crafts a malicious request to this endpoint, the plugin inadvertently returns data containing user_login fields among others. This behavior can be exploited to enumerate user accounts or gather data for further attacks. The lack of adequate access controls and input validation facilitates this information leakage, underscoring the necessity for rigorous security practices in plugin development.

Exploiting this vulnerability could lead to several adverse outcomes, including the unauthorized access to sensitive user information such as usernames and IP addresses. This could further enable attackers to carry out targeted phishing attacks, credential stuffing, or other forms of cyber exploitation. Additionally, the exposure of such information undermines the privacy and trust of users and translators who contribute to the WordPress community, potentially deterring participation and affecting the overall security posture of the site.

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