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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in WordPress WP Statistics Plugin affects versions up to and including 13.1.5.


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WP Statistics is a powerful WordPress plugin developed by VeronaLabs, designed for gathering and analyzing website statistics. It offers comprehensive insights into site visits, visitor locations, page views, and search engine referrals. This plugin is widely utilized by WordPress site owners to monitor traffic patterns, optimize content, and enhance user engagement. Its ease of use and detailed reporting capabilities make it an essential tool for website analytics.

The vulnerability stems from the plugin's inadequate sanitization and parameterization of user inputs, specifically within the current_page_type parameter in the ~/includes/class-wp-statistics-hits.php file. By crafting malicious requests to the WP Statistics REST API, attackers can manipulate SQL queries executed by the plugin. This issue exposes the website to various SQL Injection attacks, highlighting the need for strict input validation and the use of prepared statements in database operations.

Exploiting this vulnerability could allow attackers to access sensitive data stored in the WordPress database, including user credentials, personal information, and website content. Additionally, attackers could leverage this flaw to modify or delete data, disrupt website operations, and potentially gain unauthorized administrative access. The severity of the impact underscores the critical need for immediate remediation measures.

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