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Detects 'Authenticated SQL Injection' vulnerability in WordPress WP TripAdvisor Review Slider affects v. <10.8


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The WordPress WP TripAdvisor Review Slider plugin is designed for website owners to showcase TripAdvisor reviews on their WordPress sites easily. It is widely used by businesses in the hospitality and service industries to display customer feedback directly on their websites, enhancing credibility and customer trust. The plugin offers various features, including multiple display options, customizable templates, and automatic updates of new reviews. It is particularly beneficial for hotels, restaurants, and tourism-related businesses seeking to improve their online presence and customer engagement. By leveraging TripAdvisor's vast collection of user reviews, the plugin helps increase transparency and influence potential customers' decision-making.

The Authenticated SQL Injection vulnerability in the WordPress WP TripAdvisor Review Slider plugin before version 10.8 allows users with subscriber-level access or higher to inject arbitrary SQL commands. This flaw results from the plugin's failure to adequately sanitize user-supplied input before incorporating it into SQL queries. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to manipulate the website's database, potentially leading to unauthorized access, data theft, or other malicious activities. This represents a significant security risk, as it could compromise the integrity and confidentiality of the site's data.

The vulnerability specifically exists due to improper handling of input data within the plugin's shortcode processing mechanism. Malicious SQL code can be inserted into the shortcode parameters that the plugin executes without proper sanitization. This allows an attacker, authenticated as a user with at least subscriber privileges, to perform SQL injection attacks by crafting a malicious request to the 'wp-admin/admin-ajax.php' file. The exploit involves manipulating SQL queries by injecting SQL code, demonstrating the plugin's failure to employ adequate security practices for input validation and sanitization.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to several adverse outcomes, including unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, manipulation of site data, creation or deletion of content, and escalation of user privileges. This could compromise the affected site's security and integrity, potentially leading to a full site takeover by an attacker. Furthermore, it poses a significant risk to user privacy and data security, making it critical for site administrators to address the vulnerability promptly.

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