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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Snap Creek Duplicator plugin for Wordpress affects v. before 1.3.28.


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Snap Creek Duplicator is a popular WordPress plugin used to backup, migrate, and move WordPress websites easily. With over one million active installs, it has become a go-to solution for WordPress developers, webmasters, and administrators. Its key features include easy setup, scheduled backups, and one-click site restoration. It is a reliable and efficient tool in ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.

The CVE-2020-11738 vulnerability detected in the Snap Creek Duplicator plugin has been a cause for concern for WordPress users. This vulnerability allows Directory Traversal via '../' in the file parameter to duplicator_download or duplicator_init. This means that an attacker can gain unauthorized access to sensitive files that are not intended to be accessible, through the use of crafted HTTP requests, which can lead to a compromise of the entire website.

If this vulnerability is exploited, it could result in the loss of sensitive information such as user data, financial information and content on the website, as well as the complete breach of the website. In addition, it can tarnish an online reputation and lead to legal and regulatory penalties. Therefore it is key to take necessary precautions to avoid attacks and to prevent any serious consequences.

Thanks to the pro features of the platform, WordPress website owners, users, and administrators can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets. The platform provides users with an easy-to-understand explanation of any identified vulnerability, as well as how to resolve it effectively. The platform offers a bespoke and holistic solution that not only protects WordPress users from threats but also educates them on how to secure their websites effectively. By leveraging the power of, users of Snap Creek Duplicator can efficiently secure their digital assets and mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.



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