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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in WP User affects v. <= 7.0


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WP User is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance user management and registration functionalities on WordPress sites. It is widely used by website administrators to provide users with custom registration forms, user profiles, and login capabilities. The plugin is ideal for community sites, membership sites, and any WordPress site requiring improved user management. It offers a range of features to customize user experience and streamline admin operations. Due to its versatility, WP User is popular among WordPress site owners seeking to provide their visitors with a personalized and secure user experience.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in the WP User plugin allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands through the plugin's input fields. This flaw arises because the plugin fails to properly sanitize user-supplied input before passing it to SQL queries. Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive database information, modification of database data, and even full control over the WordPress site. It represents a critical security risk requiring immediate attention.

The vulnerability exists due to insufficient input validation and sanitization in the handling of certain parameters within the WP User plugin. Specifically, the flaw can be exploited via crafted requests to the 'admin-ajax.php' file, where parameters such as 'wpuser_update_setting' are manipulated. Attackers can inject SQL code into these parameters, leveraging the plugin's lack of proper sanitization to trigger malicious SQL queries. The exploit can be performed without authentication, making it particularly dangerous as it can be leveraged by anyone with network access to the vulnerable site.

Exploitation of this SQL Injection vulnerability can have severe consequences, including theft of sensitive data such as user credentials and personal information, unauthorized modifications to site content or structure, and potentially full site takeover. It could also serve as a foothold for further attacks, escalating to more extensive network compromises. Immediate measures are required to mitigate these risks and protect affected WordPress sites.

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