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Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in WPCargo Track & Trace plugin for WordPress affects v. before 6.9.0.


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The WPCargo Track & Trace WordPress plugin is an application designed to enable businesses to manage their cargo delivery and logistical needs through their WordPress-powered website. This intuitive plugin is an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses and shipping companies that rely on reliable and efficient transportation management systems. Utilizing this powerful tool, companies can support their logistics operations, track their shipments, manage their orders, receive online payments, and stay informed about customer deliveries. The WPCargo Track & Trace plugin is a valuable asset for online businesses that require professional and reliable transportation and logistics management systems.

Recently, a critical vulnerability has been detected in the WPCargo Track & Trace WordPress plugin, particularly the version 6.9.0 and earlier. This vulnerability is identified as the CVE-2021-25003. It poses a serious security threat to the plugin users as it could be exploited by an unauthenticated attacker to write a PHP file anywhere on the web server, potentially leading to remote code execution (RCE). Attackers could use this exploit to execute arbitrary code, install malware, steal sensitive data, or even take control of the server.

Exploiting this vulnerability could cause significant damage to businesses. An attacker could potentially steal sensitive data, customer's information, and gain unauthorized access to the server, causing business downtime and loss of revenue. Moreover, the attacker could use the same RCE method to launch further attacks on other connected systems, potentially causing even more harm.

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