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CVE-2020-9043 Scanner

Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in wpCentral plugin for WordPress affects v. before 1.5.1.


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CVE-2020-9043 Scanner Detail

Affected Software Overview:

Product: WordPress wpCentral Plugin
Vulnerable Versions: Versions before 1.5.1
Impact: The vulnerability allows attackers to gain access to the connection key for the WordPress Admin account, leading to potential sensitive information disclosure, data modification, and unauthorized operations within WordPress sites.

Vulnerability Details:

CVE-2020-9043 highlights a significant security flaw in the wpCentral plugin for WordPress, where versions prior to 1.5.1 are susceptible to an information disclosure vulnerability. This flaw can be exploited by attackers to obtain the wpCentral connection key, compromising the security of WordPress sites by allowing unauthorized access to the admin account.

Severity: High
CVSS Score: 8.8
Remediation: Update the wpCentral plugin to version 1.5.1 or later.

The Importance of Addressing CVE-2020-9043:

Mitigating CVE-2020-9043 is essential for WordPress site administrators using the wpCentral plugin to prevent unauthorized access and protect their sites from potential security breaches. The vulnerability's high severity and impact on confidentiality, integrity, and availability necessitate prompt action to secure affected WordPress installations.

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