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XMLRPC Pingback SSRF Scanner

The XMLRPC Pingback SSRF Scanner is designed to identify and help mitigate SSRF vulnerabilities in web applications that utilize XMLRPC for pingbacks. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, attackers can perform unauthorized actions on internal systems. Our scanner ensures your website's XMLRPC implementation is secure against SSRF attacks.


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Vulnerability Overview

  • Vulnerability: XMLRPC Pingback leads to SSRF
  • Affected Component: XMLRPC Pingback service in web applications
  • Severity: High
  • Reference: HackerOne Report 406387

Vulnerability Details

The XMLRPC Pingback SSRF vulnerability arises when the XMLRPC Pingback service improperly processes user-supplied URLs. An attacker can exploit this by sending crafted XMLRPC requests, leading to unauthorized interactions with internal services or exposure of sensitive data.

Why Choose SecurityForEveryone

SecurityForEveryone provides an arsenal of advanced scanning tools like the XMLRPC Pingback SSRF Scanner. By utilizing our scanners, users benefit from detailed vulnerability assessments, timely detection, and practical mitigation recommendations. Our platform ensures that your digital environment remains secure against emerging threats, with ongoing support and expert guidance.


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