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CVE-2021-39146 Scanner

Detects 'Arbitrary Code Execution' vulnerability in XStream affects v. 1.4.18, enabling unauthorized command execution.


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XStream is a library for serializing Java objects to XML and back again. It's widely used in various Java applications for transmitting data over networks or storing it in a readable format. XStream's flexibility in handling complex data structures makes it a popular choice for developers needing to serialize and deserialize Java objects. However, vulnerabilities like CVE-2021-39146 highlight the security risks associated with deserialization processes, particularly when untrusted XML data is processed, potentially leading to arbitrary code execution.

The exploitation of CVE-2021-39146 involves sending a specially crafted XML document to an application using XStream for XML processing. This document includes malicious code that, when deserialized by XStream, executes within the context of the application. The vulnerability is specifically due to how XStream handles certain XML structures, allowing for the bypass of security mechanisms intended to prevent such attacks.

Exploiting this vulnerability could allow attackers to gain control over the affected system, access confidential information, modify system data, disrupt service through denial-of-service attacks, or use the compromised system as a launchpad for further attacks. The severity of the impact depends on the privileges associated with the application processing the malicious XML content.

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